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48 Hours to Change the World

Save the date for the 2023 LA Service Jam

March 18 - 19, 2023

Tickets now available
Location to be announced

Some of the biggest challenges we face today, both locally and globally, will require empathetic innovation and radical collaboration. In order to work towards meaningful impact, our community must come together to explore the process of creating new services, experiences, organizations, and more.

The Global Service Jam is the world's biggest design-focused innovation event. It is a multi-day interactive workshop where community members learn about service design thinking, work directly with the community, and creatively solve for complex issues using a design-based approach.

Service design is the process of understanding people's unmet needs and finding creative solutions by prototyping new service ideas and improvements. Service design can be applied to all industries and challenges and projects during the Jam can explore themes such as transportation, environment, healthcare, education, and more.

Part professional development, part design summit, and part community gathering, this event is part of a global network of similar events being hosted in 100+ cities around the world. Throughout the weekend, jammers will get an overview of the service design process by doing hands-on research within the community, then creating and iterating a prototype for a new service. There will also be inspirational talks from industry leaders and instructional workshops on parts of the service design process.

People of all ages from all industries, careers, and roles are invited to join. 

The LA Service Jam is hosted by the Los Angeles Service Design Meetup.
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