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Who helps us JAM?

Special thanks to our 2019 sponsors!
Philosophie Logo.png

Philosophie is a digital innovation firm with offices in Los Angeles and New York City. We help large organizations validate and develop their promising ideas through agile design, rapid prototyping, and software craftsmanship. Whether it’s to reduce costs, explore emerging markets, or improve the customer experience, we apply a startup mentality and toolset to deliver meaningful progress faster than you think is possible.

Recruiting Social Logo BLACK.png

Recruiting Social delivers recruiting as a flexible, monthly subscription service. Talent teams across North America use it to source candidates, build pipelines, and manage job reqs—without adding headcount, hiring contractors, or dealing with agencies.

startctrl logo.png

StartCtrl is a people-centric approach to a digital world, working with solo entrepreneurs, start-ups and game changers. They are a Digital Agency that focuses on empowering the start-up culture as a catalyst for their digital brand and identity. They are storytellers and content creators seeking to disrupt, activate and inspire.

Breakfast...the most important meal of the day!

Prototyping tools and supplies= serious play!

Gifts for the notes included!

Interested in supporting the jam?

We are currently looking for sponsors for the 2019 jam. Feed innovation (literally) while promoting your business to our growing community. We welcome sponsorships from all kinds of businesses, especially those who want to reach the brightest and most innovative minds in Los Angeles while plugging into a global network.


Contact us at losangeles.servicejam[at]


As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to show Los Angeles (and the world) that you support innovation, collaboration, and design thinking. Last year, there were some 120 jams around the globe who participated, with around 3,000 jammers. The jam is the world’s biggest service design/design thinking event and has been recognized by the prestigious Core 77 Design Awards.


The jam is a non-profit and weekend-long event, so sponsors are able to help in numerous and important ways. Food, drinks, and supplies are some our of our most crucial needs, but there are tons of ways to get involved! Your sponsorship goes directly into the jam, providing all the materials required to make the jam a truly amazing weekend.



Type of support needed:
  • Location | House the jam by offering your office or event space for the weekend.

  • Meals | Keep the jammers fueled throughout the day.

  • Drinks and Snacks | Jammers sure do seem to drink lots of coffee.

  • Supplies and Materials | Sharpies, post-its, poster board, flip chart paper, arts & craft materials.

  • Prizes and Gifts | Reward the jammers for their hard work with books, t shirts, tasty jams, and other surprises.

  • Photography/Videography | Help us document the jam to share it with the world.


Have ideas for sponsorship not included in the list above? We want to hear from you!

Contact us at losangeles.servicejam[at]


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