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Abductive thinking and Sensemaking and Sensemaking and Framing shed insight on the mystical process of “synthesis.”


100+ years of Design Manifestos 

A collection of design manifestos from the Bauhaus to the digital age.


Experiences in Visual Thinking 

This 1974 work by Bob Mc Kim served a bridge between traditional design and design thinking.


Design Principles From Various Companies and Disciplines 

Provides examples of how a diverse set of organizations approach design.


Design Research

Just Enough Research 

A thorough description of design research methods from Erika Hall, co-founder of Mule Design.


A Practitioner’s Guide to Design Research 

An in-depth guide to design research in the context of a project conducted by Reboot for Internews.


Rosenfeld Media, Interviewing Users 

This book provides interviewing techniques and tools that enable you to conduct informative interviews with anyone.


Digital Strategy

Fjord Trends 2015 

An overview of the impact of digital in the real world from service design firm Fjord.


Organizational Change

The Designful Company 

An exploration of how to build a culture of change that embraces design within organizations


Lean UXLean Startup, and The Service Startup 

Details new management processes centered around the design process.


The Operating Model That Is Eating The World 

Thoughts on the operating models of today’s fastest growing companies.


Team Dynamics

Negotiating Shared Frames  

Is a model of how teams can grow to effectively tackle challenges.


Service Design

SDN – Publications 

A catalog of over 100 books.


On Service Design 
A thorough presentation from Adaptive Path going over the basics and value of service design.


Systems Thinking

Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System 

Thoughts on taking action within complex systems from Donella Meadows.


Systems and Design Thinking 

An exploration of the intersection of systems thinking and design thinking.


Service Design – Holistic Systems Thinking 

An exploration of the place for systems thinking in service design.


User Experience

About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design 

The 4th edition of a practitioner’s handbook to interaction design from the firm Cooper.


Sketching for Better Mobile Experiences 

Talks about the importance of sketching during the design process.



Everything is a Remix and Steal Like an Artist 

Provide excellent insight into the nature of creativity.


Conceptual Blockbusting 

Identifies key blocks to creative thinking and shows how to overcome them.



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