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Respect Creators Rights

We must respect copyright on any images, films, logos, and especially music used! Material you make at the Jam is uploaded under a Creative Commons license and stored on the Jam server. Only use materials you know are “SAFE” including:

  • • Material you make yourself​

  • • Material which you buy online, and where you buy a license to use it (can be cheap)

  • • Material published as “Public Domain”

  • • Material published under an appropriate “Creative Commons” license (there are several different licenses, so   please check which applies. Some require you credit the creator upon use.)

When in doubt, double check Creative Commons materials to see if you need to credit the creator.


Creative Commons Legal Music for Videos​

ccMixter Music Discovery

PD Sounds (for sound effects)

Vimeo Music Store

Free Music Archive

20+ Websites to Download Creative Commons Music for Free (on


Creative Commons Images on Flickr


Wikimedia Commons



The Noun Project (for icons)

Jigsoar Icons (for icons)

et your users know a little more about you.

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