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Tools and Methods


For New Practitioners 

Provides an array of methods for use during the inspiration, ideation, and implementation phases of a project from


Use our Methods

A collection of methods for people new to design thinking from Stanford’s d.School.


Service Design

Service Design Tools

Roberta Tassi put together this easy to read platform which allows one to choose between different tools that are suitable for each occasion.


Development Impact & You

A collection of tools and methods curated by NESTA, STBY, and Quicksand.

A collection of activities, methods, and ethics for design research and co-creation from the Royal College of Art.


Design Research Techniques

This resource categorizes different tools and methods by the phases of the design process in which they are applicable.


Livework tools and techniques

Some of the tools and techniques used by Live | Work, a prominent agency.



Ideas for Ideas

A compendium of ideation methods from the firm Made by Makers.


Creative Thinking Techniques

A large collection of creative methods.

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